The IMDM group lives to make all things digital, accessible to all. We incubate, innovate, import or develop leading mobile and digital technologies, and then apply them to provide tailored marketing solutions to our clients and their customers. Everything we do is underpinned by the most efficient client service available, clear and sound digital marketing strategy, highly creative execution and a measurable difference to a brand’s campaign and bottom line.

IMDM is the partner that ensures that brands become an integral part of the day in the life of a 2020, switched-on consumer… easily and affordably and in the most measurable and creative way possible. It’s that simple.

Most Recent Local Projects

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Please call me advertising

Text based advertising campaigns leveraging Please Call Mes, MSISDN and Time requests were utilized to assist Reckitt Benckiser to reach the local Kenyan market on their mobile devices.

why do we do it?

We do it because we believe that cutting edge mobile and digital marketing shouldn’t be for the few- but rather, for the many. All brands, from those going solo in a garage to multinational blue-chip organisations should have access to the world’s most premium mobile and digital tech, supported by a group of people that know what they’re doing and that live to see that tech connecting with consumers. We do it because the ‘internet of things’ is upon us, and there should be no exclusions. Brands need to market to their consumers in a digital world- and we facilitate that process.

who are we?

Our Group head office is in Centurion, South Africa and we have satellite offices in Stellenbosch and Windhoek, Namibia. We also have representation in Botswana, Ghana and Nairobi, and are quickly looking to expand to other areas on the continent. We’re a flexible, established and highly focused independent digital marketing agency, founded in 2012 in SA, and supported by a group of professional and passionate individuals.

Our business is split into 4 distinct business units: Innovation, Mobile, Digital and Experiential - each run by experts in their fields, and each responsible for their own part in closing the digital marketing loop.

As a whole, IMDM offers clients a 360° marketing solution to online and mobile challenges. And that’s a USP we’re very, very proud of.

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