Digital Marketing

IMDM Digital are digital marketing experts, living at the forefront of innovation. A strong and strategically relevant digital presence is no longer an option for brands- but rather, a necessity. Which is why our solutions , our digital marketing packages and our highly experienced approach to applying the industry’s most cutting edge technologies to everyday marketing challenges, are made accessible to all brands, be they big or small. We continuously reinvent and refresh everything which is currently laborious, expensive and time consuming within the digital space… and we add the IMDM touch.

Our Services

Social media management | Online reputation management | HTML5 websites | Digital strategy | Content creation | 2D and 3D Animation | Graphic design | Augmented reality experiences with Zappar | Virtual reality via mobile | E-commerce websites | Email marketing and distribution | Content creation | Social media monitoring | SEO

Business Unit Head: Christine Porter | +27 (83) 643 3444