Mobile Marketing

IMDM Mobile is a business unit that specialises in mobile advertising and all that innovates mobile communication, mobile tech, mobile marketing, mobile data information technology and various mobile uses. It’s specialised expertise makes access to mobile advertising easy, affordable and relevant. Our mobile marketing services in Namibia are capable of communicating with consumers through a smart or feature phone, whilst being time, demographic and location sensitive. We focus on rich media alternatives, traditional text-based solutions, content services, Please Call Me advertising opportunities and database enrichment.

By remaining independent, we source Bulk SMS and other services at some of the most competitive prices available in the market. We often beat the lowest quote on Bulk SMS sends through our competitors.. and proudly so.

IMDM Mobile is the partner that facilitates mobile marketing solutions of the present and of the future. And we’re easy to deal with.

Our Services

Bulk SMS (Account managed or through prepaid portal) | USSD campaigns | Lead generation | Please Call Mes | Mobile marketing | Rich media advertising | SMS with attachment | Audio-based data transfer technology | Voucher delivery and redemption solutions | MMS | Mobile brochures

Group Business Unit Head: Corne Grobler | +27 (82) 451 7525