Zappar is one of the world’s leading Augmented Reality tools, launched by IMDM into South Africa in March 2014. Since then, we have embedded the technology into the MyVodacom app and run many multinational campaigns with some of the biggest brands across the country. As a result, we currently enjoy just over 2 million customers who now have access to the Zappar tech on their mobile devices in Africa… making it the AR tech with the widest reach on the continent.

We are proud to be affiliated to a tech that is, in our opinion, far superior to even its closest rivals in terms of interactive functionality, ease of use, flexibility, meaningful engagement and design scope.

Zappar is available on any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and most Android phones and tablets.

IMDM is the Authorised Reseller for Zappar technology in Africa.

Case Studies

Most Recent Projects

portfolio 1

Engen Snack Attack

We created a custom game launched from zapcodes placed on till slips and linked the experience to a vouchering system – driving feet back in store!

portfolio 2

FNB - Zap-enabled competition

In order to encourage users to open a Smart Future account at FNB, the bank launched a Zappar competition which profiles the features of 18 phones to be won during the competition period.

portfolio 3


TrustCo’s Elisenheim development is premiering their model homes and design options by use of a custom Zap

Director in Charge: Paulo Coelho | +26 481 2494 739