Is IGTV the one?

Much has changed on Instagram since its introduction. New features include Instagram Stories (modelled off of its rival Snapchat) IG Live and Galleries. These new features have drawn people to the platform, which now totals 1 billion active users, faster than ever before. Latest to launch on the platform is Instagram TV, which could be […]

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Salt Essential IT is Microsoft Country Partner of the Year

Salt Essential IT is the go-to provider for IT solutions in Namibia, and we at IMDM are proud to say we have been working with this spectacular company for 2 year now. In our experience, the people at Salt are professional, skilled and experts in their field, but they’re also enthusiastic, friendly and innovative. We […]

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Creating a winning SM strategy

What is your brand doing to create a winning social media marketing strategy in the age of millennials? A few years back you could’ve gotten away with slapping together a social media marketing strategy on the go, as long as you were present online! But the landscape has shifted and is constantly changing – presenting […]

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Reality Technology: AR vs VR vs MR what is the difference:

You’ve probably heard the terms AR and VR used before. If you’re really on it, you might even have heard of MR – but what exactly are they? And how do you use them? More importantly, how do you use them to make your brand POP! Don’t worry! We’re here to demystify Reality Technology for […]

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What is NFC? Everything you need to know

Near-Field Communications is a rapidly growing wireless, short-range technology. Say what? It’s basically one of those can-and-string walkie talkies you built to talk to your friends BUT FOR YOUR PHONE! OK, we oversimplified a little, but you get the idea. Since it kicked off, NFC has grown in popularity. It’s used everywhere, for all kinds […]

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Packaging just got a lot more fun!

  Packaging just got a lot more fun   Connected Wine     Talkin’Things smart packaging is exclusive to IMDM  

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ZapBox is launched in SA

Mixed Reality has come to South Africa, courtesy of our friends at Zappar UK. 9 November saw a crowd of tech-savvy trendsetter types attend the launch at the Two Oceans Aquarium, where they were given the chance to experience the story of Yoshi the turtle through the magic of ZapBox – the first affordable, Mixed […]

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Women in Tech: Daniella talks with Brandlive

Hi IMDM Family. Our MD, Daniella Louw is fresh out of an interview with Brandlive, a radio station that gives businesses a new voice and opportunity to change the conventional communication platform. She spoke on topics of women in tech, the new and innovative tech which IMDM is currently working on, her own personal career […]

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Our man in Botswana

Kgosimotse Kabo Garebakwena is Botswana born and bred. Passion, perseverance, hard work, ambition and staying humble while maintaining a winning mentality makes him who he is: an Experiential Marketer with an undying passion for doing “different”. And we at IMDM are proud to call him our Main Man in Botswana. Being different is key to […]

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Loerie Awards 2017

The annual Loerie Awards – the event SA’s marketing and advertising world looks forward to every year – have concluded and the winners have been announced. The Loeries are the hallmark in creative excellence in theindustry, and are widely celebrated. 241 awards were handed out on the evening, including special awards to this year’s Hall […]

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