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Kgosimotse Kabo Garebakwena is Botswana born and bred. Passion, perseverance, hard work, ambition and staying humble while maintaining a winning mentality makes him who he is: an Experiential Marketer with an undying passion for doing “different”. And we at IMDM are proud to call him our Main Man in Botswana.

Being different is key to Kabo and that’s what he says sets him apart from the rest. Not abiding by the status quo brings about change, and that’s what he is actively seeking to do – to look for opportunities to do “different” in order to achieve business growth, for him and the businesses he works with.
His foundations and self-actualisation start at University, where he found his passion in Communication Sciences, which resulted in a 7 year stint in broadcasting at YaronaFM and later GabzFM. This led to an intriguing opportunity to join GVpedia.com.

Knowing the kind of environment your business is in and knowing your purpose is paramount as that will pave way to your success. Kabo says understanding the dynamics involved in business management and product development became easy with his personal experience gained from broadcast marketing and publication.It became easy to identify opportunities that come with the rise of technology and with that Dilaitiz Creation was born.

Dilaitiz Creation is a Digital, Content & Experiential marketing firm. It is a lab of highly creative and experienced individuals that work towards a common desire: innovation. This is a desire shared by IMDM.

“Essentially Experiential Marketing is the science and process of identifying the customers’ needs and satisfying them and their aspiration, profitably engaging them through two-way communications where we aim to bring brand personality to life and add value to the target audience”, he says. Experiential Marketing revolves around the five senses, and when you’ve captured those senses innovatively, you’ve won your audience.

Experiential Marketing is a relatively new concept in Southern African, and with new concepts come challenges. To get into EM, clients would have to break the norm of their strategic communication and divert ad spend into experiential marketing. This is obviously going to be a challenge. It’s one thing saying how awesome Experiential Marketing is, and it’s another providing the evidence – where do you get the evidence if it’s never been done? Educating clients is the solution. Convincing them that adding an augmented layer on top of your printed marketing material helps you show how innovative you really are.

Going forward, Kabo hopes to keep working with the best, people with similar DNA as Dilaitiz Creation, strategic partners regionally and internationally to embrace multicultural masses, build bridges through sports, entertainment lifestyle and community programs. Dilaitiz Creation wants to keep creating innovative ideas and solutions for diverse urban markets and/or audiences, as does IMDM, which is why these two Southern African companies are such a great fit.

Welcome to the team, Kabo. We know we’ll be doing great things together in the future.

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