Creating a winning SM strategy

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What is your brand doing to create a winning social media marketing strategy in the age of millennials? A few years back you could’ve gotten away with slapping together a social media marketing strategy on the go, as long as you were present online! But the landscape has shifted and is constantly changing – presenting challenges for brands who need to cater to an audience that has a wide range of preferences, and rapid triggers.

We can’t stress enough the importance of Social Media Marketing goal setting, particularly setting goals that seek to solve your biggest challenges. What is your brand trying to achieve?

For example, if you aim to increase brand awareness, your brand needs to be authentic in order to gain a lasting impact; you should avoid flooding your audiences’ timelines with promotional messages. Instead, focus your efforts on creating meaningful content that carries a strong brand personality through your social channels. Are you creating a loyal fan base? Does your brand promote user-generated content? How does your audience react? Is the sentiment positive towards your Brand without any initiation? You have to keep in mind that getting to this point takes time and effort, but creating a positive brand persona on social is totally doable!

A great example of this strategy is the Knorr What’s For Dinner campaign. Starting with easy to follow recipes, they built a dependable brand, which they could then leverage down the line to actually make sales – a truly remarkable feat for social media!

It’s also important to know the industry and market space you’re playing in. Research what your competitors are doing. Is it working? If so how can you better that creatively to reach your Brand’s goals? What strategies are they employing to drive engagement, sales or talk-ability? Having your ear to the ground could potentially help improve your efforts and provide some much needed insight for your brand. It is equally important that you research your social media audience, to help you find your focus channels and give you an indication of who your target audience is, at a glance let’s look at the essential demographics data from each platform:

IMDM FB_FB demographics

IMDM FB_Instagram demographics

IMDM FB_Twitter demographics

IMDM FB_Linkedin demographics

Looking at the demographics data above you gain insight into each channel, but what about your brand’s own customers? You will have to dig deeper than just the surface for further analysis in order to truly know who your customer is.

Once you’ve got the building blocks in place, you can start working on your content plan. Build effective themes for your content. Start off by creating content that fits your brand’s identity. Find a balance between target content and promotional content. Users will unfollow a brand that has too many promotional messages. Last, but vital – ENGAGE WITH YOUR AUDIENCE. Most brands tend to ignore their audience. DON’T! Social media channels connect you directly to your audience, so drive conversations, discuss topics and share meaningful content. Your brand should not and cannot forget this core element of networking and don’t fall into the trap of leaving conversations or engagement opportunities unattended.

By following these simple rules, you will be on the path to some truly great conversations. Of course, all of this takes time and focus. It’s not something you can do on the side, and that’s why we’re there. Give us a call, let us plan for you. Let’s DISRUPT INNOVATE & ENGAGE together!

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